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CaiCai screenshot What is CaiCai

CaiCai is a fully configurable network monitoring system.
It runs continuously (i.e. like a daemon) and keeps monitoring the user-specified IPs and services, presenting a self-updated HTML report page.
Also, CaiCai logs all the abnormal events and triggers an (user defined) alarm when something is not normal.
The file logs may be used directly by the user or (and that's interesting) by accessing the CaiCai's Heuristic Log Analyser HTML page.

CaiCai does not require SNMP-enabled hosts.
There are lots of SNMP analysers around, CaiCai is not a direct equivalent for them.
Let's put in different words: CaiCai is like SNMP, without SNMP.
CaiCai is a tool to be used with hosts which:

These are the tests currently supported by CaiCai:

CaiCai's modular architeture adds convenience since it makes possible to write new test modules easily.
CaiCai is a free (as in freedom) software, distributed under the GNU GPL license.

System requirements
Just one Un*x machine (Linux, BSD, etc).
(there's no need to install any additional software at the servers' side)

CaiCai is a system composed by several scripts (Bash and Python) working together,
so it also needs basic tools such as:

Installation and configuration
  1. Install the RPM package:
    # rpm -ivh caicai-X.X-X.noarch.rpm
    unpack the tar file and
    # ./configure
    # make
    # make install
  2. Configure the preferences in /etc/caicai/
  3. Start the init script:
    # /etc/init.d/caicai start

Files available for download

The available files for download are listed in this page

What means "CaiCai"? How do I pronounce that?

"Cai" means "(it) falls" in Portuguese.
It's a joke on how often the network breaks. So by saying "caicai" we're sort of "asking" it to break at that very moment (since it's going to happen anyway).

Approximate pronounciation in some languages:

Contacting the author

Daniel Mealha Cabrita -- (remove the "nomorespam" string)

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Last updated: November 20th, 2005